The company provides mining application and compliance related services, stakeholder mapping and engagement and services to individuals, small, medium and large businesses, Government entities and community development projects.
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About us -
TS Cibane Consulting CC was formed in January 2009 and officially registered in May 2009 by a visionary and energetic black lady who
saw the need to address the gap in the Mining and Petroleum production licensing and compliance in South Africa, especially in the
inclusion and sustainable participation of the historically disadvantaged black communities. Her aim was to make a sustainable
difference in communities through job creation, black empowerment and rural development. The entity immediately charged itself with
the responsibility of assisting, encouraging and providing mining and production license applications, compilation of the Social and Labor
Plan and implementation and compliance reports, compilation services to individuals. The company builds on relationships with the
provincial and local government municipalities and the officials, NGOs and civic organizations and provides a strategy for partnering
with potential stakeholders to maintain these relations and to ensure meaningful engagement throughout the life of different
community projects.

Target Market -
Our targets are Individuals, Emerging and existing companies, Corporate Sector, Government Sector and Communities