The company provides mining application and compliance related services, stakeholder mapping and engagement and services to individuals, small, medium and large businesses, Government entities and community development projects.
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Public Participation -
Community Empowerment
TS CIBANE CONSULTING CC believes in working closely with communities, through elected structures like municipalities and ward
committees. The company believe strongly in uplifting our rainbow nation with the creation of opportunities and projects in
communities, giving those previously disadvantaged individuals and opportunities to improve their circumstances.
Advertising, business communities, coordination

The main objective of this organisation is to provide the following services;
Preparation and lodging of applications
Consultation with interested and affected parties and filling of reports
Attending to objections and the Remdec process in  general
Attending to DME queries
Business Linkage ( technical partners and or Investors)
BEE Compliance and vetting of transactions
S (11s) and (102) Applications
Social and labour Plans compilation and implementation
Community Facilitation and sustainable Development
Stakeholder Analysis Engagement Management
Socio Economic Impact Studies
Environmental impact assessment and management planning